Maximus – Activate Body Contouring & Skin Tightening

Our Maximus TriLipo Body Contouring & Full Face treatment targets excess fat, cellulite, skin-tightening & muscle enhancement. Combining two unique technologies in TriLipo Radiofrequency (RF) and Dynamic Muscle Activation (DMA) that work simultaneously to create a synergistic effect that delivers non-invasive fat removal, centimetre loss and lymphatic drainage. The treatment delivers safe, immediate & long-lasting results in full body lifting & toning, circumferential decreases, enhanced blood circulation & oxygenation, and focused fat & wrinkle reduction.

Our Maximus TriLipo treatment is a safe, clinically proven, painless, easy & comfortable treatment that requires no downtime, no need for exercise post-treatment and works with the body’s natural processes. The Maximus system has been around for many years and is globally recognised as a leading full face and body contouring & tightening platform.

Clinically proven · Easy & comfortable · Works with the body’s natural processes · No downtime · No need for exercise post-treatment · Safe · Painless

Facial Contouring – Skin Tightening and Firming – Long Term Circumferential Decrease – Cellulite Improvement – Focused Fat & Wrinkle Reduction – Lifting, Toning and Firming of Muscles

Tripollar RF is 3rd generation technology that works by deeply heating the layers of the skin to encourage regeneration of collagen and elastin which results in tighter and smoother skin. The Maximus TriPollar RF also works to heat the fat cells, thus accelerating the metabolism and reducing volume resulting in superior contouring while also minimising the appearance of cellulite. With low power levels and high density, the treatment is efficient, safe and pleasant.

The Maximus TriLipo’s unique proprietary DMA technology improves and enhances muscle tone treating different layers of the underlying muscles. The unique and innovative motion induces muscle contraction which increases muscle density and volume, the result is a well-defined and toned body. The combination of DMA with RF treats multiple deep tissue layers simultaneously, resulting in effective fat reduction and skin tightening

Maximus eligibility Consultation – 15mins
For all NEW Clients.

Ultimate Anti-Ageing Collagen Regeneration Facial – 1hr 30mins $399
This is the ultimate regenerative anti-ageing Treatment. You may have had different Facials before but this outdoes all by featuring a über special skincare staple – Collagen! Our Collagen Regeneration Facial combines a light Chemical peel with a relaxing Decolletage Massage. Then a Maximus Full Face RF skin tightening session is completed before a Collagen sheet mask is applied to the face with lymphatic drainage massage via Skin chilled Globes. To achieve ultimate repair you are then under the Dermalux LED for light therapy treatment. We finish with personalised Serums and Moisture Protectives and of course SPF50+.

Maximus Jaw DMA & Lift *Add-on to Collagen Facial – 15mins $50

Maximus Eye Lift – Eye Contour RF - $150
Maximus is a non invasive treatment designed to deliver immediate results, plumping and lifting the skin to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Maximus Eye Lift RF *Add-on to Advanced Facials | Hybrid Brows | Hair Essential | 15mins $80

Maximus Jaw Contour TriLipo - 30mins $220

Maximus Lip Contour RF - 15mins $120

Maximus Neck RF - 15mins $160

Maximus Full Face RF including Eye, Lip, Neck, Jaw DMA – 45mins $350

Maximus Lower Face RF including Neck, Jaw DMA - 30mins $295

Maximus Tummy & Hip - 30mins $350

Maximus Upper Arms TriLipo - 30mins $320

Maximus Thigh & Butt Lift TriLipo - 60min- $500

Maximus Knee Pouch TriLipo - 30mins $220


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